The Perfect Venue For Any Festival

The Sugar Hollow has had the privilege of hosting several festivals and live performances over the years – some of which include the Boone in Blossom Community Outreach and the dazzling Hidden in the Hollow Festival. The pristine wilderness surrounding the Appalachian Mountains provide you and your guests with a spacious venue for any grand event. In addition, we work with you to coordinate and orchestrate the event, making sure the seating and atmosphere are perfect.

Whitetail Stage (Amphitheater)

As performances go, The WhiteTail Stage offers the perfect venue for any live performance. Located near the Watauga Lake, the amphitheater provides a breathtaking view of the lake and surrounding Appalachian Mountains. The stage provides seating for up 600 people and is fully wired for electricity – so all lighting and PA systems are welcome.

Let The Festivals Begin

At Sugar Hollow, our expectation of fun begins as soon as you begin organizing a festival. Therefore we make it as simple as possible to host your extravagant event. To begin your journey, call or contact us today and ask about our pricing and reservations.

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