Family Reunions

Space For any Family

Whether you have a handful of cousins or a couple hundred relatives, Sugar Hollow provides the ideal location for your memorable family reunion. With 300 acres of pristine landscape, you’ll find plenty of sweet spots to host your picnics, dinners, and family activities. We offer a remarkable outdoor experience aimed to bring your family together.

Endless Fun For the kids

Having children away from their technology and gadgets may sound like a long day – luckily Sugar Hollow offers 300 acres of majestic greens to keep them entertained. Whether it’s mountain biking through the Appalachian trials or something more simple, like skipping rocks down Watauga Lake; we offer plenty of activities for the little ones to enjoy.

Relaxation for the adults

With a successful family reunion, also comes a plentiful amount of relaxation. Sugar Hollow and the Appalachian Mountains strive to bring you complete bliss during your time here. We offer you and your family members plenty of open areas – ideal for lounging, reminiscing, and reconnecting.

Start A Tradition

In today’s day and age, it’s become fairly tough to keep in touch with our families. With Facebook, email, our work lives, and personal lives, it seems almost impossible to maintain close ties with distant relatives. Luckily, Sugar Hollow provides you with a perfect location to rekindle those relationships and reconnect with those you haven’t spoken to in years. Contact us today and begin your family tradition at Sugar Hollow Retreat.

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