Church Retreats

Connect to Nature

What better way to fully enjoy the beauty of God’s creation than by trekking with your mens’ group through 300 acres of pristine wildlife? With serenity all around, Sugar Hollow offers the perfect escape destination for your group to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. We aim to bring you and your church family intimate experiences with nature – designed to develop strong bonds with God and all creatures.

Grow with Adventures

Bring your youth group to enjoy God’s great outdoors! With Sugar Hollow’s scenic landscape and exciting terrain, there’s no end to the adventures you and young church family can embark on. We seek to give you an authentic experience – helping you grow your faith through outdoor activities. So gear up, and get ready to explore God’s green Earth.

Develop Loving Relationships

Sugar Hollow offers a warm and serene location for your young adult groups as well. Making a great place to nourish relationships and create a strong bond with our creator. With the pristine Watauga Lake and cozy accommodations throughout the retreat, Sugar Hollow makes for a perfect place to unwind and deeply connect with your church family.

Enjoy a green sliver of Heaven

At Sugar Hollow, our aim is to immerse you in God’s green beauty. Making sure we provide you and your group with the finest accommodations to connect you with the creator. To fully experience everything we have to offer, contact us today!

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