A Complete Guide to Planning Your Corporate Retreat

A Complete Guide to Planning Your Corporate Retreat

It’s time for your quarterly corporate retreat and guess who’s in charge of planning the whole thing? You! It’s up to you to create a fun, productive retreat that’ll leave your team with high morale and a strong connection with each other.

Corporate retreats offer a unique opportunity for team-building and fun-having. However, with all the planning that must go into these events, it can become daunting. Luckily, here are a few helpful tips for planning a successful retreat with your team.

No Connection, No Problem

You might get a little bit of backlash for this one, but try to disconnect from technology. If it’s not mandatory and work isn’t being done, ask your team to leave their phones and tablets in the house. It avoids distractions and allows your team to be present in whatever you decide to do.


Can’t enjoy a team bonfire when everyone is on their iPhones!

Book Sooner, Relax More

The sooner you plan your corporate retreat, the smoother it’ll go, and the more time you have to relax as a team. Be sure to book your trip (accommodations, flight, etc.) far in advance – you save money, and you avoid any scheduling headaches.


Avoid Major Cities

Generally speaking, the closer you are to a major city, the more expensive things will be. If you’re trying to stay within your corporate retreat budget, pick a destination that might require a fair journey from the airport. A little commute won’t seem like much when you consider all the money you’ll be saving – plus you won’t have to deal with too many locals.

Balance Productivity & Pleasure

Corporate retreats are intended to reward teams with a healthy mix of work and play. Therefore, you should spend your time wisely – dividing productive content and team-building activities like hiking and fishing. This helps with your company’s culture and improves workflow once you get back to…work.


Find Packages

Another budget tip. Try to find corporate packages. This could include catering, flight transfers, and accommodations. It’s a great way to accommodate if you have a larger team. Some packages can go as far as providing facilitators for your corporate retreat.

Take A Hike

What better activity to build the strength of your team than hiking? It’s an inexpensive activity that challenges and brings your team closer together. Nothing like working as a unit to conquer some steep hills.

Put Together the Dream Team

Planning an entire corporate retreat is no small feat. You’re going to need a team of organized professionals. Put together a team that can aid you in your planning – this includes budget, activities, resources, and contacts.